, all the feeling of indefiniteness le. ft by their conversation, had slipped out of his mind. He was thinking ASQ Certification now with pleasure and excitement of the race, of his being in time after all, and now and then the thought of the happiness of this night s assignation flashed across his imagination like a dazzling light. The excitement of the approaching race gained upon him more and more as he drove farther and farther into the atmosphere of the races, overtaking carriages driving up from the summer villas or out of ASQ Peterburg. There was no longer anyone at home at his quar.ters all were at the races, and his valet was looking out for him at the gate. While ASQ it exam he was changing his clothes, his valet told him that the second race had begun already, that a lot of gentlemen had been to ask for him. , and a boy had twice run up from the stables. Dressing without hurry he never hurried himself, and never lost his self possession , Vronsky drove to the sheds. From the sheds he could see a perfect sea of carriages, and people on foot, soldiers surrounding the racecourse, and pavilions swarming with people. The second race was apparently going on, for just as he went into the sheds he heard a bell ringing. Going toward the s

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