ndalised looks Isaca Certification from some, including, Harry saw, Dolores Umbridge but Harry knew that Dumbledore would not have cared. He tried to make a friendly gesture to Hagrid as he passed, but Hagrid s eyes were so swollen it was a wonder he could see where he was going. Harry glanced at the back row to which Hagrid was heading and realised what was guiding him, for there, dressed in a jacket and trousers each the size of a small marquee, was the giant Grawp, his great ugly boulder like head bowed, docile, almost human. Hagrid sat down next to his half brother and Grawp patted Hagrid hard on the head, so that CISM his chair legs sank into the ground. Harry had a wonderful momentary urge to laugh. But then the music stopped and he turned to face the front again. A little tufty haired man in plain black robes had got to his feet and stood CISM it exam now in front of Dumbledore s b.ody. Harry could not hear what he was saying. Odd words floated back to them over the hundreds of beads. Nobility of spirit intellectual contribution greatness of heart it did not mean very much. It had little to do with Dumbledore as Harry had known him. He suddenly remembered Dumbledore s idea of a few words nitwit , oddment , blubber and tweak , and again, had to suppress a grin what was the matter with him There was a soft splashing noise to his left and he saw that the merpeople had broken the surface to listen, too. He

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