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is, Chen Yao and Microsoft Certification Lee Bowen must have been stained, as for the children s things, we are not concerned about many. Just strange is ah, Chen Yao and Lee Bowen things, Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure in fact, did not arouse her fa.ns offensive, and many people even think Chen Yao is not impossible when the third child, her style has always been very bold, very personal and open. And Lee Bowen s wife is a mentally ill, what Lee Bowen derailed, but also extenuating, and can not be a mental patient for a lifetime. Chen Yao s competitors are dumbfounded, originally this report came out, Chen Yao s competitors of those companies are out, and started a strong Black Yao Yao, the press releases are made a lot, are to step on Chen Yao. Entertainment water is very deep, Chen Yao was just wh.en the fire, it was black ah, she will be out of the Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure it exam entertainment directly it, the speed of her boyfriend has also been a lot of Guardian to attack. However, she did not care for anything, did not rebuttal words, use works to say, now considered a career that goes without saying, and her style has gradually been accepted by her fans. For example this time burst out to the so called scandal come, if this is replaced by other female stars, has long been accused of death, but to Chen Yao fans, envelopes in the eyes of people, generally rea

Exam CodeExam NameVendorCertifications
70-534 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Microsoft Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure