looked at him in astonishment. The banging was getting lou. der. Look, we just got this bucket going again, Han explained. I m not about tolet some varmint tear it apart. Before Leia could protest, he had grabbed a breath mask off a supply rack andpulled it down over his head. As Han walked out, the Wookiee hurried up behindhim and grabbed his own face mask. Leia realized that, as part of the crew, she wasduty bound to join then. If there s more than one, she told the captain, you re going to need help. Han looked at her affectionately as she removed Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure a third breath mask and placed itover her lovely, but determined, face. Then the three of them rushed out, leaving the protocol droid to complainpitifully to the empty hold But that leave me here all alone The darkness outside the Millennium Falco. n was thick and dank. It Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure it exam surroundedthe three figures as they carefully Microsoft Certification moved around their.ship. With each step theyheard unsettling noises, squishing sounds, that echoes through the dripping cavern. It was too dark to tell where the creature might be hiding. They movedcautiously, peering as well as they could into the deep gloom. Suddenly Chewbacca,who could see better in the dark than either his captain or the princess, emitted amuffled bark and pointed toward the thing that moved along the Falcon s hull. A shapeless leathery mass scurried over the top of the ship, apparently startled bythe Wookiee s yelp. Han leveled his blaster at the creature and blasted the th

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70-534 Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions Microsoft Microsoft Specialist: Microsoft Azure