Adult rpgmaker games

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Forums :: The Archives. Posts s: first 1 2 next last. Has anyone played or know of an RPG with a more mature storyline invloving sexual encounters? I think that would be interesting. Shinan Shinan View games View playlists Close. No, they are all very immature.

DE View games View playlists Close. You can sleep with your savior in Aftermath. Then there's Lunar Eve :D. Tau RMN sex symbol. Tau View games View playlists Close. Just look for the Dooms series. I think that will cover what your looking for. Yeah, anything by Mister Big T should meet your description. Thanks I'll downloading them now. BadLuck BadLuck View games View playlists Close. They had this one RM game on late night Cinemax WIP I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry.

Yeah, Dooms should fill all your sick fetish needs. A lot of games are starting to cater to an adult audience with mature themes. I prefer RPGs with more real life situations than saving the princess and getting a lousy P-Wing or kiss on the cheek. Remember Defender of the Crown where you could marry the princess and lay her to bed? I think that is what the general audience wants. I know I adult rpgmaker games. Karsuman Asspear. Karsuman View games View playlists Close. Because sprite porn is so sexy.

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Darken Darken View games View playlists Close. I only play mature games for mature gamers such as myself. But to be a little less of a dick, I see what you're getting at.

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It's actually a good play through. Most of the story is centered around people cheating on each other, and messed up relationships. No sorry, there aren't any sprites fucking each other.

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Want a mature theme? How about getting cancer? Don't see many games with that in it. Sam Sam View games View playlists Close. Go get the real thing, it's more fun .

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Yeah there is a big big difference between "mature themes" and rampart sexuality. Well, I'm not looking for a game with rampart sexuality. If something is too vulgar its just not enjoyable. I think Darken understands what I am looking for. It may be mature but certainly not enjoyable in reality or gaming! AznChipmunk AznChipmunk View games View playlists Close. You may contact the ESRB if you wish to file a complaint on their ranking.

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Can't wait to play more of it and I would love to see some mature material in there as well. Estrella 0. Estrella View games View playlists Close. Realismmaturity. With that goes fun! The innocence and naivity we possess as can never really return but I enjoy playing things meant for people who still haven't lost that. Truth be told I don't really want to grow up because things are much more fun looking at things from like perspective. Imagine a game where you went to work and then had to stretch your limited resources and finances for your money and and and Anywho not really sure where all that was leading to, but I do have a question.

If you find "mature" themes more appealing or only "mature" themes appealing what exactly is wrong with something that doesn't have them?

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They have themes that might be considered inappropriate for an audience that isn't mature but they still deal with their subjects pretty immaturely. The rating doesn't really mean that what's in the games are "mature," just that it caters to an older audience. Also, if you're hoping for "sprite porn" or whatever in Muse Nemo Nemo View games View playlists Close.

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Adult rpgmaker games

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