Animal crossing sex game

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This may seem like a far-fetched dream during a pandemic, but Jake not his actual namea year-old consultant who lives in Fairfax County, is doing just that. Having sex on an island, that is. Well, a virtual island. And, okay, fine, the sex is virtual, too. Jake and his girlfriend have found themselves in a situation that may be familiar to lots of couples right now: Even though she only lives 25 minutes away, the two have hardly seen each other since stay-at-home orders began in March.

They both live with their parents, whose ages put them in a high-risk category, so the couple decided it would be safer to spend this time apart. Jake and his girlfriend never had virtual sex before this—they hardly even FaceTimed because they saw each other in-person so much. But once they were apart, they realized they missed the intimacy of a physical relationship, says Jake.

So they started sexting and dirty talking on FaceTime.

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Until one day when they were playing Animal Crossing together, and they found themselves on a virtual private island, that is. You might wonder—is it awkward to narrate the banging of two pixelated creatures to your partner? At first, yeah, says Jake, but that goes away. Am I judging her? Simon also not his real namea year-old Park View resident who works in management consulting, feels the same way about his virtual sex experiences.

Because the duo lives far apart to begin with, they had occasionally sent pictures of themselves or sexual messages to each other pre-Covid. And occasionally Simon finds himself worrying about the privacy of hooking up over wifi. Where will the information end up?

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But what else are star-crossed lovers separated by a global crisis to do? So, will these couples continue to explore their newfound virtual chemistry once things are eventually back to normal? Simon, however, is less enthused, and is very much looking forward to seeing his physical girlfriend when the nonessential travel ban is lifted between Canada and the US in late June. Mimi Montgomery ed Washingtonian in Originally from North Carolina, she now lives in Petworth.

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Animal crossing sex game

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