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So here are, ranked in no particular way, the top 10 furry transformation games! The Elder Scrolls is a long-running and influential series of western RPGs, set in the fantastic continent of Tamriel. Though the games introduced the ability to play anthropomorphic characters in the third game, Morrowindwhen the Khajiit and Argonian races were changed from human variants to cat and lizard folk respectively, lycanthropy has been around even longer.

In that game, you could become a werewolf or a wearboar, and Morrowind and Skyrim kept the wolf form. They look fantastic, hulking beasts with massive strength, and come with incredible transformation sequences. However, they have drawbacks in their first two appearances.

In particular, you need to hunt down innocent NPCs at the behest of the demonic Prince of werecreatures! Skyrim puts a much larger focus on the transformation, as you can become part of a fraternity of fighters who are all secretly werewolves. Even better, there are no real drawbacks this time around, so feel free to wolf out as much as you want, and the Dawnguard DLC even allows you to gain skill upgrades for your werewolf form!

Now, a fighting game lives and dies on its ability to create interesting and varied characters, and they deliver here. What makes it stand out is that the transformation is more than cosmetic; the alternate forms have unique moves and powers that liven up what might otherwise be a forgettable slugfest. The storylines of these furry transformation games, or what there is of them, take the subject very seriously, too. Sadly, the series ended up being only a quintet, with the last game releasing in The Legend of Zelda : the classic Nintendo adventure fantasy anthro transformation games is no stranger to transformation.

In this adventure, Link ventures into an alternate dimension. The villain responsible for this is Majora, a malevolent spirit sealed inside a mask, and powerful masks are a motif. The key masks have the spirits of defeated heroes bound into them, and allow Link to borrow their forms.

Their races are the wood-sprite-like Deku Scrub, the ogre-ish Goron, an ancient deity opposed to Majora, and most relevantly, the anthro fishman Zora. Shifting forms as appropriate over the course of the adventure is crucial, as each possesses excellent abilities, and there are some great transformation cutscenes. Notable is the one after Link is cursed into one of his transformations! The much-loved series of sci-fi platformers for PlayStation consoles prominently features the race of small creatures known as ottsels.

Appropriately enough, they resemble otter-weasel hybrids, and tend to display the attitudes of such creatures: Daxter is a loud and amusingly outspoken sidekick to Jak. Over the course of the series, several more people find themselves stuck as members of the cuddly looking race, for better or for worse, and we learn a thing or two about them in the process. An interesting aspect of it, though, is the emotional arc Daxter goes through—at first repelled and horrified by his transformation, anthro transformation games gradually grows to accept it and sees its usefulness.

What link does a Roman centurion have with magical, empowering transformation into anthro werecreatures? There are slight differences across the various versions, allowing you to get more transformations.

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However, in all of them, the main form is a werewolf, and the one with the only really detailed transformation. This feat was quite impressive for that early era. The plot is minimalist, but the combat is definitely fun, and building up to a powerful furry transformation is a great feeling. It really does seem like an upgrade, as in addition to the increased power of the attacks, we get to watch our heroes becoming buffer beforehand and finally morphing. And really, in any game, retro or not, beating up mythological monsters is more fun if you are one. Technically, this is a pair of settings now known as the World of Darkness and Chronicles of Darkness for tabletop games published by White Wolf.

The games revolve around playing as a of different mythical monsters or empowered people such as vampires, werewolves, and mages with their own unique powers.

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Transformation, both anthro and feral, shows up quite a lot of times among these powers! Naturally, as the most direct of furry transformation games, Werewolf: the Apocalypse and Werewolf: the Forsaken put it front and center. They allow the player lycanthropes to shift into multiple forms in varying levels of anthro. The former, though, also allows you to play as one of quite a few other werecreatures in both Western and Asian forms, such as rats, bears, and foxes. Changeling: the Dreaming and Changeling: the Lost have the Pooka and the Beasts; respectively, tricksters fae who can shapeshift into a single animal form, and human captives who were transformed into animals by more malevolent fae and remain somewhat anthro in the latter.

One type even becomes progressively furrier over time! Ah, the genre-defining fantasy MMO by Blizzard. Where would online gaming be without it? Races include the Native American-inspired anthro transformation games known as the Tauren, and the sadly unplayable Vulpera adorably manic fennec foxes. Cats, seals, bats, and more are all at your command, and there are other spells that will turn you or your enemies into creatures great and small at your will want to be a mammoth to stomp?

You can. The expansion-introduced Worgen merit special mention, being a race of redeemed werewolves, and for having a memorable racial introduction. Another long-running series, this line of turn-based strategy games include quite a few different takes on fantasy creatures, and naturally that includes shapeshifting races. Best of all, given the massive character count in almost every game, you can almost always recruit at least one member of any of them to your side sometimes with romance options—another staple of the series.

Almost all of those who shapeshift do so by changing into a fully anthro or feral anthro transformation games to attack, then reverting to a furrier state for everyday activities…and there are numerous species to choose from.

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Manakete dragons in many games, for instance, change between seemingly-elven humans and the fire-breathing reptiles, while Laguz from Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn change into others, like cats and birds. Awakening meanwhile introduced the taguel, a now-mostly-extinct race of rabbit shapeshifters who look far more animalistic than the laguz, as well as an intriguingly alien view of humanity.

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First of all, the series earns points for depicting humankind and anthros living alongside each other and even intermarrying from time to time. Numerous characters over the course of the series, including of course the protagonist traditionally a blue-haired youth named Ryuwho gets increasingly powerful transformations into his draconic form as a given game goes on. You could definitely come for the transformations, and stay for the memorable party members; they include a recurring naga sorceress, and in one instance a feline Thundercats -like martial artist.

Yes, these are two entries in one.

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Chief among them is the Polymorph school, which alters targets willing or notand the infamous baleful polymorph which can zap foes into harmless small creatures. Intriguingly, some spells also allow you to make normal animals into anthropomorphic versions of themselves, or even turn intelligent animalistic monsters into humanoids. As both games are nearly endlessly customizable beyond the huge amount of content they have already, you can likely find or add as many as you want. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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