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Some call it Dirty Santa. Whatever you call it, the rules of the fun gift exchange game are pretty much the same. The Dirty Santa rules are quite simple. Dirty Santa is a Christmas gift exchange game played at parties that has become a favorite holiday tradition around the country. At office parties, holiday cocktail parties, and even Christmas morning in some households, everyone gets a kick out of the Dirty Santa game that encourages stealing hilarious gag gifts from your friends and loved ones. The key to a fun and engaging Dirty Santa party is finding the right gift.

A Dirty Santa gift should be something funny, a little weird perhaps, but definitely something everyone wants. It might even be a ridiculous gag giftjust naughty or silly enough to embarrass your boss or grandmother but maybe not enough to get you fired or disowned.

One of the best parts of a Dirty Santa Game is watching people squirm after they got stuck with a weird gift. What did you expect? Never played Dirty Santa before? It is actually quite easy. Follow this guide to learn the rules for Dirty Santa and running your own Dirty Santa gift exchange. First, you need to host a party and ask everyone to bring a gift. Before the party, everyone should wrap their gift or put it in a gift bag without a name or tag. Once at the party, guests should place all the gifts on a table in the middle of the room. Have every party guest draw a. Decide who starts, for example by Eeeny, meeny, miny, moe or a draw of matchsticks.

The most important Dirty Santa rule, which should be obvious from the above description but which you should tell your guests anyway is that no participant may steal back a gift just taken from them. They can either open a new gift or steal another gift. You should set a few Dirty Santa game rules for stealing. If you have a large group, it is a good idea to set limits on the stealing so that game stays contained and civilized.

Most importantly, the stealing rules set the pace of bad santa games game, otherwise it can go on forever. Make sure you give your guests a spending limit so that most of the gifts are similar in value. It might also be helpful to come up with Christmas gift exchange theme ideas to give your guests some guidance on what to purchase.

If there will be children participating in the Dirty Santa or Yankee Swap game, tell your guests. This will avoid any embarrassment from children opening adult-themed gifts or alcohol. Bad santa games know what is appropriate in the office environment. Generally, adult-themed gifts are a no-no but it depends on the office culture. This motivates guests to bring well-thought-out gifts that are clever and that people really want. Playing as a couple means you can and should buy a more expensive gift, but then of course you have to share whatever gift you get.

In this version of Dirty Santa Christmas gift swap game, guests can only bring home made items, such as cookies, beer, preserves, crafts, household products, or artwork. This works well if you have a group of people who like to cook or bake, or perhaps a knitting or a craft group.

For example, gifts need to bad santa games related to cooking, sports, or music. Or you can have guests bring gifts that only start with a certain letter. Nothing wrong with edible gifts or booze-related gifts. So many Yankee Swap theme ideas to choose from! The gifts are wrapped identically, either by the host or per instructions by the guests.

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The host could provide the same gift bag for all gifts, or require gifts to come in the same size box. Everyone buys from the same place, either from one store, flea market, thrift store, Grocery Outlet, or Craigslist. Each guest brings a gift card of the same value to a store of their choice, or from a list provided by the host. This ensures a more equal playing field but can result in some fun stealing for more desirable cards. All gifts in the Dirty Santa Gift Exchange are selected and swapped before any are opened.

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If there is enough time some groups allow infinite swapping at the end of the bad santa games, in hopes that each person will end up with the item they want the most. If you want to add a little more mystery and guessing to your game, have guests write a clue about their gift on the outside. Another idea is to have people guess who brought their gift, and perhaps get a small prize from the host if they guess correctly. Player 1 does have the advantage of being able to choose any gift on the table. The Dirty Santa or White Elephant game is fun and entertaining.

Dirty Santa Gifts should be first and foremost entertaining. But what would be the fun in that? Here are a handful of Dirty Santa gift exchange ideas to get you started. Click through on the gifts themselves or dedicated articles elsewhere at our website. Quirky gadgets make for fun White Elephant gifts.

Everyone loves gadgets for the home, traveling, camping, or for wasting time in the office. The great thing about giving a gadget as a gift is that they are usually useful and more likely to be something a person will actually enjoy and use. Among Dirty Santa gift ideaskitchen gadgets are particularly popular, as well as gadgets for camping.

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Some of the best Naughty Santa gift exchange parties usually involve one or two hilarious gifts that have everyone rolling on the floor. While it may seem juvenile, sometimes the funny gag gifts are the ones that get passed around the most. Want to make the party guests crack up? Ridiculous, right? I mean, whoever thought of this? You never know who is going to fall in love with the Jeff Goldbum Shower Curtain someone brought. Strange, but intriguing and perfect for those guests with a twisted sense of humor. These gifts are like conversation pieces: Who thought of that? And, most importantly, why?

You can also dip bad santa games your personal cellar, in which case you are definitely invited to my Dirty Santa gift exchange party. Alcohol-related gadgets and gag-gifts also make for good Dirty Santa gifts. Sure, you can take the easy route and get some funny t-shirts for your Dirty Santa gift exchange.

Ugly sweater parties are now a thing during the holidays and make for some of the best Dirty Santa gifts. People love them! The uglier the better and more likely to generate laughs and lots of steals. Who are the perverts at your Dirty Santa Party? Bring a naughty gift and find out. Featured image by miuenski miuenski.

Bad santa games

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