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And of course your name will be mentioned in the Hall of Fame in the game. You also benefit from special bonuses that will be given to you in the course of development. About edenSin Games. Story of Candyman: Your father once dreamed the American dream: from rags to riches. And he made it come true! Unfortunately, he passed away and his empire crumbled.

Now it's up to you to rebuild and reclaim his legacy.

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But be warned! It's not easy to follow in your father's footsteps Everyone starts small, and so do you. And that's at your mother's house in the garage. But don't worry, she'll support you wherever she can.

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You also have a helping hand at your side in Mia, your half-sister. But why should I give you hope, it will probably be an absolutely hard way! Your goal: finally a penthouse in Downtown again and your father's power back in family hands.

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True to the motto: Family first! Gameplay features: Visual Novel story with mostly beautiful render grafics Dating Sim elements wit stat and quest progression A big city to explore and many business to take over Inventory system with many cool stuff well, most oft them are shitty stuff! Unfortunately I had to stop the development because of an hard disk crash, which destroyed most of the content.

So I had to start all over again, and hence the story of the son of John Smith. I run this project as a hobby and have a full-time job on the side. Of course I'm planning monthly updates, but please don't be angry if it might take a few eden sin games longer. Game Screens: This is one of the maps where you find the places to explore. With time they become more and more. Your first business together with your mom at home. Here you see an example of a company [restaurant] that you can purchase. Of course you have to survive a few stories for that! The Inventory in front, your home room in the back.

And this is an example of one of the many story elements. The story is shown in many render images and is deed in the sense of a comic. Maybe a new graphics card or better a whole PC? Become a patron to Recent posts by edenSin Games. How it works. Choose a membership. Add a payment method. Patreon logo. Language: English United States.

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Eden sin games

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