Game of whores walkthrough

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Activities are smaller side quests available in Kingdom Come: Deliverance you can recognize them by exclamation marks on your map. Below you can find a list of activities available in Inn in the Glade. This is a small location in the center of the map.

The picture above shows where you can find it. You can reach that place, e. During a day, the Old Whore can be found near the cart in Inn in the Glade. You can complete a few small quests during which you have to steal various items for her. The first request is about getting 20 Groschen back from one of her customers.

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Find the man and wait until he goes to sleep or when he is in a more secluded place, e. The Purse with coin can be acquired by using Pickpocketing or by getting behind his back and suffocating him and searching his inventory this is a better method. The second request is about stealing a shawl. Reach the marked house located east from the Inn. Old whore's shawl is in the villager's inventory but watch out for her husband because he can raise the alarm. You can wait until night and pickpocket the villager or, e. Give the shawl to the quest giver.

Another two quests are completed in the same location - in one of Neuhof farms where the whore's ex-husband lives with another woman. Steal the Old whore's dagger from the man and the Trunk key from his new wife. Game of whores walkthrough both items at the same time. Stun the characters or steal from them while they are sleeping. Deliver both items. She tells you that she needs a little bit of time.

Wait about one day and go back to her ex-husband's farm. You will see s that suggest burglary and numerous blood drops. You can use this opportunity and steal everything from the house without a risk that you will raise the alarm the chest next to the bed contains, e. In order to officially finish the quest, additionally meet with innkeeper Andrew who is staying at Inn in the Glade. He will confirm that the prostitute killed her former husband. Andrew the innkeeper can give you a quest during which you have to bring him meat from wild animals.

Hunt the animals e. Each meat delivered to the innkeeper gives you a little bit of Groschen. Note - Hunting wild animals is threated as poaching. Don't let anyone see you - avoid hunting near villages, main ro etc. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

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Game of whores walkthrough

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