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The living room was blaring with constant sounds of fire arms and bombs going on every five seconds and not once had it been peaceful ever since your boyfriend had returned home to your shared apartment. His hobby of playing video games was bearable for you until he decided to hook up the new audio system he bought a week ago. He had argued that the both of you could take advantage of it — you being a movie fanatic and him a video game addict.

Instead, you end up using his computer game setup to watch all your VODs since it streamed faster and you had the inch monitor all to yourself. After your third movie for the night, your stomach started rumbling — hunger and the craving for pizza starts crawling up your throat.

Thankfully you were smart enough to gamer sex tumblr a third box and hid it in the secret compartment of the fridge — one where Jungkook would never be bothered to bend down to search for food. Grabbing a plate, you put three slices of them pepperoni pizzas before cracking a cold cola to pair with it.

You plopped down on the couch beside Jungkook — whose eyes had not been away from the screen for hours it seems. You could see the whites had now been painted in light pink almost turning red. Do you remember how much that cost?! Jungkook smirked. He moaned in delight when his tongue came in contact with sweet dough. Your PC? Not a chance, old man. You promised me a week with that bad boy when you wanted me to stop complaining about you hogging the flat screen.

Your words. All the more reason for me to play video games with you.

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Three things that have the same functions and the same features. Jungkook leans in with his arms resting on the back of the sofa. You laughed, appalled by the answer your boyfriend just gave you. You must be joking. How do I have the same functions and features as your entertainment friends? It goes the same for you, baby. He groans and rolls his eyes when he looks at your expression. He grabs the plate in your hand and puts it down on the table, standing up and tugging you up with him gamer sex tumblr he le you towards your bedroom.

He takes your right hand and licks off the remaining crumbs from the pizza, sucking them clean with his mouth as he moans in delight. Now, stop talking and let me play my game, beautiful. He pulls your arms away from your chest and slides his hand up and down the sides of your hip — goosebumps forming on your skin when in contact with his cold hand.

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It was his way of keeping you calm and relax before having sex. Slowly he begins unbuttoning your pyjama top from the bottom until it reveals two beautiful hills and a valley in between. One thing to note, Jungkook was a breast kind of guy and he loves marvelling and reeling in the beauty of your perky little tits resting on your chest.

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He tells you how your areola looks like the shape of a heart which you think was stupid and cute in a way. Using his thumbs, he pressed them against your nipple and rubs them in circles. You moan at the wonderful feeling as your sensitive nipples begin gamer sex tumblr harden under his touch.

With your nipples in between his thumbs and fingers, he pinches them and pulls them like it was the tip of a balloon. See, it made you all good and horny. Jungkook cups each of your breast in his hands again — squeezing them as he moves your breasts in all sorts of direction — up, down, left, right. Fuck, I almost got a boner from a machine.

You whined from the pain of your breasts but it felt so good that you begged Jungkook not to stop. He starts chanting out combo moves and mumbling weird things he always does whenever he plays his game. The material of his sweats was so thin you could see it almost tearing up — begging to be release from the discomfort of the clothing. You sneakily slit a hand towards his cock without Jungkook knowing. Unfortunately, a hand had grabbed your wrist away from it.

Jungkook was staring at you with a grin on his face. Not yet. The time will come soon, just not right now. I wanna play with your joystick too, pretty please. I need your pretty fingers, please. Jungkook once explain to you that it takes time to appreciate art just like his brother, Taehyung had taught him. He even called your pussy a masterpiece, craved with such details and perfection. Maybe if I press her, your pussy would give me my change back. His sweats were now wet and stained and you could see an angered look on his face. You pondered what he was going to do next until he settles his hands on your thighs and rubs them softly.

You pouted as you sit up and leans towards him. This time round, he angles his head near you pussy and presses your clit like before. With a strong curl of his fingers, your hips bucked upwards — Jungkook quickly placing his mouth against your pussy and drinking in your juices you had squirted out.

Once he was done, he licked gamer sex tumblr remaining juices that were leaking out. Alright time for our next game. He switches position with you as he places you on top of him. So, ride them up, cowboy. Or should I say, cowgirl. You eased down, taking his cock inside of him as you get comfortable with the feeling. You feel so warm. We should do cockwarming more often. Come on, ride me. Ride me into the sunset, to that finish line. You gotta keep going if you wanna catch up, if you wanna cum.

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Now faster dammit. Is this how I train you to be? It seemed to work because now the pace was going twice as fast then before and slowly increasing in speed as you screamed and whined into an uttering mess.

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Harsh sharp pants were the only thing that was heard in the room. Tiny be of sweats had appeared on both of your forehe from all the exciting games you had played. What is it? Blow what?

Gamer sex tumblr

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