Games like strip poker

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Why try new and sexy games as a couple? We all know how bad it can be for your relationships if things get even a little stale or boring. But knowing some sexy games for couples can help you two keep things hot and exciting, keeping the spark alive at all times. As important as maintaining the emotional part of your relationship is, you still have to make time to get frisky and have fun. This is an extensive list of fun games for couples. The one games like strip poker can see gets to lead the other person anywhere in the home and do whatever they want to the other.

Touching, kissing, biting, spanking — any way you see fit — until each of you comes. You get the twister mat and spinner out, Every time somebody falls, they have to remove an article of clothing! It can be tricky to spin while also playing, just have one player allowed to remove their hand for a single spin. One of my personal favorite game for couples. Set a timer for a certain amount of time. Usually, between 15 and 30 minutes is ideal. Then you both are allowed to engage in foreplay only — Kissing, touching, teasing, biting, spanking — Anything goes.

BUT there should be absolutely no penetration of any kind until the time has elapsed!

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Trust me. You can kick things up a notch by using lube, whipped cream, or even vibrators — the only limit is your imagination! Feeling freaky? You own a deck of cards and have nothing to do with your mouth? Games like strip poker are kisses, diamonds are a massage, clubs are naughty stimulation by hands, and spades are oral. Whichever you draw equals the amount of seconds each act lasts. If you want to crank on the heat you can decide that value of time will be in minutes instead of seconds! This game requires one of you to sit or kneel on the ground blindfolded and keep your mouth open.

Exciting already, I know! Then the other person will place different body parts against your mouth and you have to guess what it is. You know the deal with this. Dress up in something sexy and take on a whole new personality and persona. Communicate your fantasies to your partner and get the party started! Before start anything, make sure to talk about boundaries, consent and having a safe word to stop immediately at any time that dares feel a little TOO out of what you feel is ok. Once you do that, this classic sleepover game is gonna make your adult one A LOT more fun.

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You know exactly how this game works. Take the chance to learn more about your partner and try out your craziest fantasies. Grab a feather or another very fragile, light material and have your partner attempt to make you come with just that object. For this, you need to gather all of your favorite sex toys a blindfold and a large bag.

Put all your fun toys in the bag and have your partner reach in and take one out. Take turns wearing the blind fold, reaching in, and grabbing a sex toy. This one is super fun if you want to switch things up a little bit. Roll it over and over again and perform those acts on each other. To change it up a little bit more, as the three as a wild card and that person gets to choose the act and roll again! Get naked and sit facing each other on the bed.

Now the other person has to touch, kiss, lick and do any action simultaneously and exactly they way they did it. This is a super fun way to get some foreplay in and see what your partner really wants from you. Write down some really outlandish, funny, dirty phrases you think will cause your partner to laugh really hard and you know will get his attention. It could be absolutely anything and the naughtier the better — anything goes.

Whoever smiles or laughs the most loses and at the end of the game they have to do whatever their partner wants in bed. This is a perfect game to get to know your man better. If they have, they put one finger down drink. The first one to put down all their fingers loses and has to get a sexy mission from their partner. You know games like strip poker card game. If you want a simple and fun night indoors, play the game like normal but just take a drink every time your partner gets a pair. If you make it, he drinks. If he makes it, you drink.

This is quick and simple game you can set up on the fly to get things going. If you want to spice it up a bit, you can have the other person strip every time you score or do a small sexy task of your choice. If you miss, drink. If your man misses, he drinks.

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First one to strike out 3 times has to do a sexy dare. You two are going to get quite tipsy very quicklyhehe. This is a super easy drinking game that can be played without alcohol. Much less fun but doable in a pinch. Tell your partner two sexy truths and one lie. If they guess the lie right, you drink. Go get a fake mustache and pin it on your TV somewhere not in the corners. Put on anything you want — Sitcom, bad moive, rom-comthe history channel… Anything. However, instead of playing the normal way, make it into a drinking game by spelling words only naughty words or words that have to do with drinking….

Try anything from adjectives that describe your partner to flirty, dirty and suggestive phrases and everything in between to actions in the bedroom! If you even make it there…. This is a super fun game and you better be ready to have fun! All you need is three shot glasses, some water and vodka. Have your man leave while you do this and when he returns he gets to choose one, he has to do it quickly to avoid close inspection and he has to drink it. Grab a bottle, some chocolate sauce, liquor in a shot glass, whip cream, and other fun toys.

Put them in place of other people in the circle. Spin the bottle and whichever it lands on you have to do something with it. If you land on your man, kiss him! Grab a dice and an alcoholic beverage. Even s mean you take a drink while odd s mean you have to remove a piece of clothing.

Get a deck of cards and have one person be the dealer. They flip the card over and your job is to games like strip poker whether the next card will be higher or lower. Spend some time drawing up a board like Battle Ships. Here are a few games that are just for fun.

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For this game, you need to jot down a bunch of question you can answer about each other. This works the best if you are both great bakers. The stakes, in this case, are chores and household duties. Before one hand, pick a chore neither of you really wants to do and a duration for which the loser will take care of it.

This game is pretty simple. All you really have to do is write down a of questions related to your childhood with two possible answers. Apple Jacks or Lucky Charms? With this game, you or your man could get in trouble. See how much each other remembers about the other. Simply write down questions you think your ificant other should know. Basically, you give your partner the option of answering two of your questions and they get to choose which. No matter what, romance needs to be kept fresh in the relationship.

Then he re off his two options and you guess which is the truth. This can help open your eyes games like strip poker why he truly loves and cares about you. This is a very kinky, fun game to play that can have a very romantic twist. You each write down a set of questions revolving around trying things. You ask the question and on the count of three, you both give your honest answer about what you want to try.

If you say the same thing for one of the questions, you do it. You start by sitting in front of each other and one person starts by telling the other statements about why they love the other. Write down facts about yourself on small pieces of paper. Half will be true and the other false. Create two columns for the true and false statements. Trade stacks of your truths and falsehoods with your man.

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Games like strip poker

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