Goblins strategy game

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It was released on the Playstation 2, Xbox, and Nintendo Gamecube platforms. It was released in To build his device, he conjured up Goblin servants, each faction forming their own Clan under each moon. Grommel was the goblins strategy game, and leader of the Stonekrusher clan, under the white moon Froxxto serve as miners in the deep caves. Second was Grax of the Hellfire clan, under the red moon Heelinxto harvest wood in the forest.

Third was Faine of the Stormbringer clan, under the blue moon Tristto channel lightning in the mountains. Fourth was Syst of the Plaguespitter clan, under the green moon Phoust, to farm in the marshes. Fifthly and finally was Naxus of the Nighthorde clan, under the purple moon Farthisto scavenge ancient battlegrounds. Fraziel was making progress with the Great Machine until it was sabotaged, causing it to explode, caving in the mines and forcing Grommel and the Stonekrusher clan to flee to the forests.

In the forests, he encounters his brother Grax, who, along with the other goblin clans, believe Grommel to be responsible and becomes hostile. Through a series of battles, Grax is defeated and the Hellfire clan rally around Grommel.

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Upon returning to the caves with all the other clans, Grommel confronts the last of his brothers; Naxus of the Nighthorde clan. Naxus sabotaged the machine to kill Fraziel and take it for himself to create a world of chaos and darkness. With the help of all the clans, including a traitorous part of the Nighthorde clan, Grommel battles his way through the caves in order to stop Naxus from sending the bombs from the now active machine through the Moongatesancient teleportation devices. When Grommel finally corners Naxus, he leaves through one of the Moongates, leaving one active bomb among the hundreds of others.

Grommel, however, narrowly throws the bomb through the same Moongate at Naxus, where it explodes, presumably killing him. After defeating Naxus, all the clans rally around Grommel with the intention on finding purpose now that the Great Machine is destroyed.

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Goblin Commander is a strategy game where, with the exception of Skirmish Mode, the player must battle against CPU controlled enemies. Each clan is different from the other and specializes in a certain area. For example, Stonekrushers are more melee aligned, while Hellfire units are more ranged.

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Plaguespitter and Stormbringers are more effect and magic based, while Nighthorde is a balance all three. Each Clan has respective Titans as well as Turrets. Runes can be found or bought throughout the game, which offer units assistance in the field. GoblinCommander Wikia Explore. Wiki Content. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an ? Goblin Commander: Unleash The Horde. Edit source History Talk 0.

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Goblins strategy game

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