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Intersex people have bodies that are just a little different. Some intersex differences are obvious at birth.

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The practice seemingly originates from a historical fear that intersex bodily differences mean a person will grow up to be gay or transgender. But intersex people can have any gender and sexuality, just like anyone else. We still have to fight against our bodily integrity being taken from us. Intersex is a category of experiences. There are many ways to have an intersex body, and not all of them involve surgery or parents finding out at birth.

Many people might not even be aware that their bodily experiences fall under the intersex umbrella.

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If you are intersex, you can get connected to others via interACT Youtha group for advocacy happy embarassed girls reddit peer support for ages You will find that the intersex community is resilient, thriving, and global. There are others out there, waiting to meet new people with love. Here are 9 of their stories. I was raised as a girl.

I wore pretty dresses and barrettes in my hair. When I was in second grade I started growing facial hair and breasts at the same time. My entire body, including my legs, underarms, and torso was covered in hair. I was told by mom and my doctors that I was a normal girl, especially since I already had my period.

However, my enlarged clitoris made me feel different. No one was preparing me for those types of experiences. I felt very alone and confused. I started loosely identifying as intersex when I was in middle school. I finally had a word to describe my experience. I had something to say to people when they asked me if I was a boy or a girl.

Now I get to embrace my intersex characteristics on public platforms and raise awareness about intersex issues. From the day I was born, it was clear my body was intersex.

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I lived in India until my parents, who are from the United States, adopted me at age 2. Doctors in India performed surgeries without my consent to make my genitalia look "typically female. Because of the surgeries I suffer from soreness, stinging pain, and a PTSD-like response in medical settings. I first heard the term intersex during first or second grade when my parents took me to a check-up. Today I feel my body is out of my control. I have a uterine structure that gives me a period. Doctors never told me this about my body, until I was surprised by bleeding.

I wish I happy embarassed girls reddit fully informed. I am a Black, indigenous, plus-size intersex trans femme — and yes, you can reside at the intersection of all of these identities. It is so important to acknowledge and dispel the myths of what an intersex person is supposed to look like. I knew I had surgeries as a young. I learned the truth about what happened much later on.

We are here. Our bodies are not wrong. Our bodies break the binary. Our bodies are whole. Our stories may seem to always live in the world of sadness, but we are thriving and fighting in a society that constantly erases us. I have to remember to tell myself that my body is powerful, and it is full of the groundbreaking fight for liberation. I am proud to be intersex and live my truth authentically and fully. I was born with proximal hypospadias and underwent an unsuccessful cosmetic procedure as an infant, leaving me with complications. The feelings of shame shrouded my teen years and I developed chronic depression.

Being part of the intersex community taught me to love myself, helping undo years of internalized shame and healing from the harmful messaging that my body is broken and must be fixed. Being secretly intersex, even when I only knew medicalized terminology, felt very isolating. My private parts looked visibly different, and I desperately tried to conceal this. I was mortified at the thought of someone finding out. I never admitted when I fancied someone, and I would always try to change into my gym clothes out of sight. I was taught to hate my body from a young age.

I was made to feel like I was a freak. Yet, I think what made my experience so unusual was that I looked perfectly fine to most people throughout happy embarassed girls reddit life. All my scars were hidden. I never spoke about any of the medical stuff, because that would be admitting something was different.

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What hurt the most, aside from the surgeries and infections, was the idea that I would always be rejected and never comfortable in my own skin. Turns out, the more we share our experiencesthe easier it is for other people to consider our stories and be kinder. Growing up, I always had the sense that my body was different. I was ased female at birth, but I now know that I am intersex.

I never wanted to take off my clothes in front of friends and always wore swim trunks and a bikini top. I remember that at age 6 I asked my dad why my genitals were different. He had no answer because he was not yet educated on intersex issues. At 11 I asked my mom why I had no opening when I tried using a tampon. Happy embarassed girls reddit my dad, she had no answers. I was embarrassed when she told her friends and sisters about me asking.

In adolescence I was taken to a specialist. He wanted to examine my body and discovered I had late pubertal progression. I was really upset about needing this procedure, which caused me to go into a depression. The operation took a long time because my doctor admitted that he had never had an intersex patient before. Afterward I learned that I actually had one ovotestis, which explained some things about my body. I never knew I was intersex until much later in my life, due to doctors not using the term. I found out from the internet and making connections to my experiences and personal medical records.

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I was about 12 when everyone my age hit puberty, but I didn't: No breasts, no periodonly some s of high testosterone levels. At 15, I had my gon removed without clearly understanding what was being done to me. I was given estrogen, and two years later I started my period but I never got much breast growth. I found that that I have XY chromosomes and an intersex variation called mixed gonadal dysgenesis. Discovering the truth was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I wish I knew the truth from the start. I could've avoided years of pain, shame, and self-hatred. My life could've been completely different. But my painful experience gives me energy to work towards a future where no intersex child would have to go through what I had to experience.

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My intersex story started once I hit puberty. I had no idea that I was different until I started to develop characteristics more closely aligned with people ased male at birth, rather than those ased female at birth like myself. I never had my period when I was growing up. But I did develop in other ways. My skin got oily.

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I had as much acne as my dad when he was in high school. They started to push treatment on me that I didn't want: hormone blocking medication to suppress my natural testosterone levels.

Happy embarassed girls reddit

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9 Young People on How They Found Out They Are Intersex