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Usually, this is a massive oversimplification of the situation, as most Japanese games with erotic content are more than just sexuality. Honey Select first appeared in and has had several upgrades and rereleases over the years; after honey select games years of an extremely enthusiastic fan-patching community working on the game, prolific localisers FAKKU! At heart, the two games have the same basic function: to provide the player the ability to create custom characters, and then engage in virtual honey select games acts with them.

By the time Honey Select was first released, Illusion had been making this sort of game for a while — though they were mostly known in the west due to the fact that some of their older releases featured a strong focus on non-consensual sex.

The most commonly cited example of this is the notorious RapeLay fromin which players take on the role of a pervert with des on three young women, but they also released a fighting game called Battle Raper in in which the consequences for characters losing a bout are probably obvious. Interestingly, Battle Raper II actually featured no rape scenes whatsoever, however.

Both Honey Select Unlimited and Koikatsu have a slightly more wholesome — if obviously unbelievable — setup, however. In both games, pretty much all sexual encounters are consensual; in fact, the only non-consensual ones come when a girl assaults the player character.

While both games offer an array of options for sexual encounters, the primary appeal of both games for most players comes in the form of the character creator. To create a character in both games, you start from a default figure and then use a variety of sliders to mould both their head and their body to your desired shape. Pretty much every aspect of both can be customised, and taking the values to the extremes can produce some exceedingly strange .

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Each part can be individually coloured if you so desire, or you can automatically coordinate. Using the included materials, you can produce a wide variety of different hairstyles, and if you delve into the extensive modding community for both games, the possibilities are pretty much limitless. This is where the two games diverge to the strongest degree.

In Honey Select Unlimited, the gameplay is, despite that suffix, fairly limited.

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You call a girl, you have a brief conversation with her, you have sex with her. During your sexual encounter, the specific things you do will affect her mental state in various ways, which will affect the way she interacts with you on future meetings.

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When you start a new game, you can create a male character for yourself, and also as any or all of your created female characters to roles in the school, making for a completely custom cast if you so desire. You can gossip, talk about romance, attempt to whisper some sexy sweet nothings at her — or you can listen to what she has to say, which usually in her asking you a question of some sort. This is all very well, and Koikatsu in particular has the potential to keep you honey select games for quite some time as you get to know all the girls and enjoy your virtual school life.

But for many fans of both Honey Select Unlimited and Koikatsu, the character creator and the game side of things is just the beginning. This is a creative tool — perhaps even a creative medium — and mastery over such things takes time and effort. The imagination really is your limit, though.

You could even mix and match Koikatsu and Honey Select Unlimited creations in this way. Both games are going to take a lot of beating, so to speak. So in the meantime, we might as well enjoy them both to their fullest! Koikatsu Party is available on Steam. NSFW link! Check out the Steam discussion forums and Guide s for information on how to apply the content restoration patch.

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Why Koikatsu and Honey Select Unlimited are still the ultimate “sex games”