Leisure yacht game guide

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Leisure yacht Steam. All Achievements. Earned Achievements. Locked Achievements. Earned Date. The Spencer family. The Crew. The secret diary. The passpartout. Marine gifts. Steal a cellphone. A first good Studying for Allison. Michael has to study particle physics in his room. In the wind. Get beaten by Caddy. The sleepwalker. Pay attention to the height. Maisie's Starlight.

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Tuxedo and champagne. Get beaten by Camelia. Challenge Camellia to a fight and get beat by her in the gym. Winning potions. Spying at night. Enter the room of Allison, Camelia, Liana and Maisie while they sleep. Basic training. Look but don't touch. Michael spies on Camellia and Caddy when they are together at the gym. Find some algae. Find the Lithothamnion minervae. Michael goes overboard and finds the Lithothamnion minervae. Buy a scuba suit. Rookie scuba diver. Defeat Camelia.

Tux, champagne and Lovely Maisie. Simple training. SpencerLab's book. Play with Liana. Enter the lab. Maisie's movies. Kiss Maisie. Secret lab. Allison on Michael. You need a woman to practice with! Sabotage a chair? Sweet massages. Basic darts training. Basic billiard training. Watch the "bottle game". Investigate about your father. Ask the Spencer family where Michael's father is.

Kaori gets busy. Find a new entertainment for Liana. Inside Liana. Confess your love to Maisie. Special massage for Maisie. Kaori's "FuckyFucky" Potion.

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Give the towel to Caddy Complete the mythical towel mission! Give the towel to Caddy. Use Kaori's potion on someone.

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In Caddy's Mouth. Eat a piece of Maisie. Let Caddy and Camelia fight. Poker training Beginner. Strange chemical compounds. Play with Liana and her friends Michael has fun with Liana and her friends. Play with Liana and her friends. Let Camelia find out the boxing gloves trick. Wait for the new guests to arrive. Meet Tatiana in secret. Meet Ruby while sunbathing. Talk to everyone. Offer Allison a game. Drink game Michael. Drink game Allison. Drink game Camelia. Drink game Liana. Drink game Kate. Stumble on Ruby. Play a trick on Caddy Caddy and the creature! Play a trick on Caddy. Visso cook a cake.

Enter the second secret laboratory. Sabotage the gym. Sabotages the gym equipment before Caddy uses them. Camelia eats a cake. Become Camelia's personal trainer. Let yourself be blackmailed. Stop being blackmailed. Help Tatiana. Caddy's surprise. Use the Jacuzzi in the right way. Talk with Allison. Do some different exercises with Camelia.

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Investigate your new problem Michael is saddened by a terrible problem! Investigate your new problem. Find out who can solve your problem. Find two adventure companions.

Leisure yacht game guide

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