Monster musume game

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Despite the surprising popularity of the source material outside Japan, the game still has very little online presence, though Okayado has drawn fanart of some of the characters.

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The player takes the role of a host family for the Interspecies Cultural Exchange Program, looking after a of non-human guests, all of whom are femaleas they learn to integrate into human society and possibly find love. Gameplay is based around acquiring various character cards, all with different stats and abilities, through a gacha system and taking them on outings into town.

During these outings, your party will have to fight off hooligans and delinquents. Combat is mostly automated, though the player can cheer for their characters up to three times per battle, which can guarantee a Critical Hit or halve incoming damage. While the game shares many elements with the manga, there are some differences, mainly caused by the lack of a dedicated main character and slew of new characters.

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Monster musume game

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