Naughty car games

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No matter how good the tunes or the sceneryevery car journey is ificantly improved by a solid rotation of driving games. Is that Jennifer Lawrence at the stoplight? Eh… probably not.

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Guess that franchise Basic Idea: Guess the next franchise that either pops up on the side of the road or on the next rest stop. Suggested Rules: Keep your eyes on the map. As you shake off the East Coast and its weird quirks while journeying west why does everyone like chowder so much?

The game gets harder as you get into unfamiliar territories. The winner has lunch bought for them.

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Hey New York, it would be cheaper to fill up with blood! Suggested Rules: The person furthest away from the right price has to pay for gas next time.

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The person whose turn it is has to describe the movie, without outright lying, and everyone takes a turn guessing what it is. Suggested Rules: Everyone has just one chance to get it right, so if you go around in a circle and no one can guess the answer, the person who described the movie has to give up the title. Family sized bags only!

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Folks with plates like Ch33tah and everyone else. If only for the rest of the ride, live in a world where everyone is as adventurous as Th3 B0SS, and switch up normal plates to make an anagram. Suggested Rules: I see Jessica Chastain! I see Frankie Muniz! If you get blank stares all round, your fellow passengers must name an alternate celebrity who looks more like the person in the car, until some agreement is reached.

Fun for all. The bigger the group, the better. Suggested Rules: You need a quarter, and some shady fellow passengers. Each turn comprises of two people -- the Questioner and the Answerer. Then someone tosses the coin.

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The question is never announced to the rest of the car, and it remains between the Questioner and the Answerer. Tails, the Answerer has to repeat the question out loud to the car -- so if you just answered that Jenny is most likely to do something terrible, now the whole car gets to know. The person who has gotten tails the least pays for gas, because now everyone is paranoid, thanks to them. The Lyrics Contest Basic Idea: If you can keep up with a long, complicated song or -- even harder -- spit fire along with your favorite rapper, you win control of the iTunes for the next few miles.

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Naughty car games

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