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Fantasy is a very broad genre, with the potential for an enormous spectrum of possibilities. Fantastical worlds rife with monsters, magic, fortresses, dragons, and occasionally rape, were always on my mind when I was but a mere sprite. After all, such stories are obviously too juvenile for my enjoyment. As both the MangaGamer and the in-game intro state, there was once a mighty orc kingdom on its way to conquering much of Europe. By the time the conquest had reached a small, holy country by the name of Asgard, relationships between the two nations were boiling into something dangerous.

The Orc King reasoned that his son would either somehow prove everybody wrong or die tragically in doing so. That is, of course, if the ride is even worth getting orc castle mangagamer. The actual gameplay in Orc Castle is split into two segments, the first of which being the visual novel segments.

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These usually preface and round out the main gameplay sequences, respectively setting up the next challenge and rewarding you for conquering it. Is the choice in visuals due to stylistic preferences or a low budget? You be the judge!

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The meat of Orc Castle is focused on watching the battle maidens raid the castle, effortlessly destroying to your loyal troops, the likes of which include orcs, slimes, sandworms, and other such fantastical creatures. If left to their own vices, each maiden will saunter around, killing the stationary enemies effortlessly.

There are several traps you can conjure up within the castle halls, but the end goal is to build up a damage multiplier by sending the maiden through multiple traps, which increases the amount of health she loses in an enemy encounter. There are several other factors to consider when setting traps for those delicious multipliers, such as the MP needed to cast a trap. Not only orc castle mangagamer it cost a varying amount of MP to lay down traps or remove them, should you desirebut the actual process of a trap being set up costs actual real-world seconds.

You not only have to manage your MP to summon traps, but also the precious seconds it for them to set up. See all orc castle mangagamer Rooms tend to be equipped with their own unique traps, each with their own damage multipliers, letting you build off of them for even bigger combos. The castle also has lo of treasure chests, which can yield a of goodies for the maidens to steal, including, cursed lingerie, holy armor, money, or even nothing at all. While the latter two are harmless, the cursed lingerie and holy armor are game-changing, either debilitating the maiden or allowing her to destroy two traps for free.

Perhaps the biggest factor in these sequences is how you actually defeat the maiden. Generally speaking, the CGs are lovingly illustrated, a far cry from the rather cheap, 8-bit art style of the dungeon sequences. The art is a tad simple, but very clean and appealing to look at; so much so, that not one bit of the art is censored, letting you savor every inch of the action with no worries. Sure, I can look at a pair of large, supple breasts for 30 minutes with no problem, but the sex CGs are always the exact same image with slight modifications to insertions, facial expressions, or fluids.

The voice acting was a personal sticking point for me, likely due to the fact hearing Asian women squealing is one of my 12, turn-ons. Each lady has their own distinct voice and personality however stereotyped they may bethough they start to blend together somewhat when the leading ladies are thrown into fits of ecstasy, forced to submit to the almighty orc cock.

Put simply, whoever was in charge of formatting all the text in the game had to have been either drunk or an extremely intelligent corgi.

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Orc Castle also suffers from an occasional audio overlap and an odd graphical flickering glitch, but neither is as prevalent as the numerous typos and typesetting follies. That being said, the settings in Orc Castle are pretty sleek by modern standards. My biggest peeve with Orc Castle is how there seems to be a disconnect between the main pornographic segments and the actual dungeon segments of the game.

Orc Castle is nothing but curvy women being violated in a myriad of ways, from ogre cocks, orc cocks, tentacles, and even some vore and pregnancy elements. Yes, I am No, I am not.

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Unfortunately, these browsers don't support some CSS properties that are important to the layout of this site. We recommend you use one of the following browsers. They're all free and, in our opinion, better. Article Comic. Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with Orc Castle. Ganon: The Early Years. And then you have dialogue like this. Pros Sublime illustrations Simple, yet engaging gameplay. Cons Near-endless deluge of typos Mediocre soundtrack Sex scenes overstay their welcome by just a bit. LewdFactor Orc Castle is nothing but curvy women being violated in a myriad of ways, from ogre cocks, orc cocks, tentacles, and even some vore and pregnancy elements.

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Orc castle mangagamer

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