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I'm kinda using the same concept as HM01 to "Cut" down trees. You go up to talk to a girl, let's say Daisy PROF OAK's granddaughterif you have a pokemon with Hypnosis you can put Daisy to sleep, once she's asleep you can choose to do some naughty things with her, depending on your Pokemon's level.

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Same goes for if your pokemon knows Hypnosis. Thus, your Pokemon - Hypno mysteriously disappears after accident. With freedom, who knows what he could do!

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Furthermore, Hilbert should discover what changes are happened with Nuvema Town after it became first in the World human-pokemon free relationship zone. Then, you go to Hypno who hypnotizes. You wake up in the rainy town of nightmare. You battle Hypno who uses kids to strike you. Do you like something that related to creepypasta?

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What are the features of this game? How about the storyline? This game is a hack of Pokemon Fire Red. The graphics of this game is good looking even tough it does not show several best looking things of Fire Red. The circumstance is nice and the feel of fearful that is needed by a creepypasta is catched very well, pokemon hypno version download.

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In the most part, the music does not fit. It keeps happy Pokemon music about half the game. The scary music appears when the scary part of the game begins with the eerie music from Lavender Town and the Pokemon Tower. The story of this game does not play out in the appropriate way the creepypasta does. In this game, kids have disappeared pokemon hypno version download three islands.

The grandson of Professor Oak also has disappeared and ask you to discover him. You pick from Vulvix and Marill for starter Pokemon and then you go out.

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There are not many things that you can do in town. The mart and pokecenter are blocked and all of people are gone or say the similar things about the missing. You go to the berry forest where you find a little girl. This little girl is decoy for Hypno to attack you. Hypno strikes you and kills your Pokemon and then he makes pokemon hypno games fall asleep and carry you to his cave. In the cave, you meet a woman who has not been hypnotized yet. She cures your Pokemon before she hypnotized herself. There are also the other hundred people. Then, you will climb some sets of stairs and fall down.

You meet a lot of people who must be killed by yourself to progress. Then, you go to Pokemon hypno version download who hypnotizes. You battle Hypno pokemon hypno version download uses kids to strike you. After that, you are able to get into a cave where you are forever followed by Hypno. In this game, the people of the town do not talk to you and you can not trigger random battles and you are able to capture one Pokemon as well.

Well, this game is fun enough to play. You are also able to share your opinion about this game with your friends and the other fans of Pokemon as well. So guys, happy playing! However, sudden car crash destroyed all your plans. Thus your Pokemon, Hypno, has mysteriously disappeared after the accident.

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Pokemon hypno games

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Pokemon : Hypno's Lullaby Game