Sexy mmo games

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Course you do. So Kingdom Under Fire II was announced way back in and hype for the game was literally off the charts. That was back then.

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Probably one of the most explicit MMORPGs in this list due to its incredibly graphic nature and provocative use of nudity. Even with its over-sexualization it still fell flat due to the pay to play model it employed throughout much of its life.

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Still around in — and recently off of the high of their large 3. Moonlight Blade was originally released in China in Looking far more Asian than any other title in this list, and having a traditional Chinese setting, Moonlight Blade has recently been picked up for a Western release due in the near future.

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Featuring a truly huge world and some ridiculous looking realistic character models, Moonlight Blade looks like it could do incredibly well upon release. Vindictus released to critical popularity due to its amazing graphics, character creation, and change of pace from traditional MMORPGs at the time.

One of the problems the game did face however was the fact that a lot of Western gamers strongly deplore gender or character locked classes in MMORPGs. Revelation Online, released in China inis set for a Western release. Feeling a little more grounded and quite well optimized in comparison — Revelation Online just might accomplish their goal! Bless Online has yet to be released, but enough content has been released and enough betas have passed to both know and appreciate just how great it looks.

Featuring some of the most ridiculous, sexy mmo games the top body proportions you can imagine, Blade and Soul absolutely decimated the market for pervs interested in curvy women in tiny outfits. Toggle .

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Top 10s. Latest News. Kingdom Under Fire II. Age of Conan.

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TERA: Rising. Moonlight Blade. Revelation Online. Bless Online. Black Desert Online. Blade and Soul. Subscribe to us! Popular Posts. Latest Posts. Latest Comments. Brian says: Sad to see this went, I remember as a kid could never play any of the mainstream games cause of mont Dominik Urban says: Thanks a lot Dominik Urban says: hi i just saw the video and couldnt find the first game in the video there is no name or something Matt says: Guys, I cant even find them game in mygames catalog

Sexy mmo games

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