Sonic love potion disaster game all attacks

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Do you smell that?

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I swear, every single time I get to review a furry game, I start wondering where I went wrong in life. You know I want everyone to jack off to whatever gets them hot and bothered. Like, you never see furries have a good old blowjob scene in which everything just sort of mimics standard porn. Keep in mind; this game is not an official title made by Sega. The whole gang is here. They patched that for this game.

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So, when you fire this bad boy up, you choose which of the recognizable furry legends you get to play as, and the game takes off. In cartoons and video games, they usually use weapons. I happen to know Amy has a mallet. In this game, they seem to have made the stylistic decision of taking her mallet away, for the most part.

She mostly gets through this game punching and kicking things in the face, but the mallet comes out occasionally, in combos. They did, however, let her keep her recognizable outfit. Not in this game. Every single time she gets decked in the face, her skirt comes flying off, and she gets fucked in the ass. I gotta say, they did a fine job on these tits.

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Do you know how you know who the bad guys are in an average 2D video game? The bad guys come in from the right side of the screen. The good guys normally move left to right, brutally murdering everything in their path. This natural law of life was initially defined by a plumber named Mario, all the way back in the 80s.

And so is the case with Sonic Project X. After you pick your character, you start moving to the right, and bad guys start pushing back with all their might. These bad guys may or may not be generic baddies from the Sonic universe. Anyways, you move left to right, and you clear the levels of baddies by punching them in the face and kicking them in the crotch.

If you take more than a few hits of damage, they bend you over, and this is where the smut comes in. When you get downed, the clothes come flying off, exposing your rather large furry tits. They also normally pump you full of their seed, no matter what their specie is.

So, robots will pump you full of oil, whereas more normal humanoid enemies will shoot lo of cum. But, most of the time, you just shit the cum out and return to the murdering. That is, unless you get killed yourself. This game might not be my cup of tea, but I can be impartial and fair enough to say that for what it is, it was made really fucking well. The game is clearly going for a sort of 8-bit low res kind of retro vibe, like the original Sonic games. They were more linear than that.

Plus, they were made by a huge, highly paid team. Either way, the game looks great. The sprites, in particular, are really hot, for what they are.

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The tits and asses in this game are great, if you like retro sprites. Maybe you can use one of those auto-masturbation toys. Anyways, with every single character in this game, you get a ton of smut potential, depending on how far into the game you get. Then, you might see Amy take it up the snatch and get impregnated, and all throughout, there are giant tits flopping around on screen.

The smut never really stops in this game, even when the combat gets really heated. S thezetateam. Sonic Project X project x love potion disaster S thezetateam. Left to Right Do you know how you know who the bad guys are in an average 2D video game? The Graphics This game might not be my cup of tea, but I can be impartial and fair enough to say that for what it is, it was made really fucking well. Fighting Porn Games.

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Sonic love potion disaster game all attacks

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