Strip game story

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Just over a month into my final year of university and I was hosting another of my biweekly get togethers. As parties in the rat hole, the affection name given to my apartment, went this one was dead. Jack was our geek who, if you let him, would bore you for hours on techy things that had little relevance to the real world.

Steph was an outgoing bombshell who always dressed in loose fitting sweatshirts and cotton pants that did little to hide the fact that she was really built. Nothing on her body had jiggled much when she ran, in her slinky cupless Strip game story, into the water. I still get a warm feeling remembering that Saturday afternoon. Robyn, who was always smiling, had a soft spot for anything, human or animal, that was hurt. Sara was an ordinary looking girl with a fantastic personality. She was more outgoing than Robyn and had a flair for the dramatic.

Carry on Jack. Instead, after each hand everyone but the winner draws a card. The person with the lowest card is declared the loser and has to remove one article of clothing. Sara would remove one article of clothing. Anyone who has an orgasm during the touching is eliminated from further play and becomes a spectator. Up to now this party has been flat. Gerry also posted an occupied on my room tonight.

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Right Jack? What do you think? Jack won the first hand. Robyn drew the low card and removed a shoe. Both Jack and Robyn rolled twos. I thought the touching had to last two minutes. That was less than a second. Come on you two, follow the rules. I ended up winning the hand while Sara drew the low card and removed a shoe. I rolled a four and then she rolled a three. Give it a good rub. After a few moments of doing that, I placed my thumbs against her crack and started to squeeze and release her cheeks like I was feeling an under inflated basketball. Your thumbs were up against my asshole.

I was really starting to get turned on. Over the next five hands Steph had a run of bad luck and lost everything but her bra and panties. Her lacy panties were high-cut strip game story the back rode up into her crack.

After Jack called time it was obvious that the massage had affected both of them. Tim was obviously erect under his pants and Steph had a wet patch on the front of her panties. After time expired her face was flushed and the wet patch on the front of her panties had grown ificantly. Before I dealt the next hand I looked around at the group and took inventory. While I had my pants and underwear the rest had:. After looking around at the group she reached behind her back, undid the clasp of her bra and slid it off.

Jack moved over beside Steph and started licking her ears. He moved around her face gently licking her eyes and cheeks. He ended up using it to trace around her lips. As he moved across her lips they parted slightly and he stopped to insert his tongue. He was gently moving his tongue in and out of her lips as Tim called time. I wish I knew enough about dealing cards to deal strip game story some losing hands.

I lost the hand to Sara and was reduced to my underwear. The roll had Sara using her mouth on my thigh. At the end two minutes of her mouth being really close to my crotch, I had a rock hard erection whose head poked out over the waistband of my bikini underwear. Almost like fate was getting back at her, Sara lost the next two hands and was left in only her bra and panties.

With our dice rolls he rubbed his feet on my bum. It was a really weird feeling having a guy work his toes over my naked bum. It felt especially weird when he ran his big toe down the crack and played around my asshole. Steph lost the next hand to Sara to become the first naked girl. As she removed her panties I saw that she had a neatly trimmed bush over glistening vaginal lips. Sara then lost to Tim and, contrary to what I felt she would do, she removed her panties and left on her bra.

Near the end of his rubbing I could see he was in trouble. There was a massive lump under and a small wet spot on his pants, his face was flushed, and he was breathing heavily. Sara was moving her feet as I was rubbing them and I almost came. Strip game story lost the next hand to Robyn. He took off his pants and I saw his cock tent out the front of his boxers along with a small wet spot.

With that thought I started to jerk off into the toilet bowl. My prognosis was correct as I came after just a few strokes. I washed myself off and headed back to the game. I lost the next hand to Sara.

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I plan to make you a spectator. I lay down and, with the rest of the group watching, Sara squatted over me and positioned her naked crotch over my erect cock. She slowly started to slide her slit against the underside of my shaft from my balls right to the very tip. I concentrated on counting sheep to slow down any sensations I might start to feel. As Sara kept moving on my shaft I began to feel it getting cold. I looked down to see why and saw that her vagina was oozing fluid.

Sara went back and forth a couple more times and then, after moving forward slightly, impaled herself on my cock. A few moments later she groaned and collapsed on top of me.

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I felt her body trembling against mine. I reached up and hugged her until she stopped. Everyone okay with that? How about five minutes to … to whatever. It felt as good as I thought it would. With a small, transparent triangle in front and a single thin string up her crack, there was nothing to them. Jack took the die and rolled a two.

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What am I going to use my mouth on? Jack was startled when he saw the five. Where do you want me? How do you want me positioned? I want to talk to her about this. I nodded my head toward the kitchen and everyone else went in. After five minutes we came back to see Robyn giving Jack a peck on the cheek and whispering something in his ear. She lay back on her elbows and spread her legs apart. Jack lay in front of her, pressed his shoulders up against the back of her thighs, and positioned his head in front of her panty covered pussy.

He then concentrated his kisses at the top of her vagina. His kisses became longer and longer as he began trying to suck on her clitoris through her panties. That feels so good. Oh, the hell with it. Keep your mouth right there. Use your tongue now.

Flick my clitoris. Lick it Jack. Her head was bouncing from side to side and her hips were squirming all over the place. Jack was doing a magnificent job of holding onto her and keeping contact. That was truly wonderful. What a way to go though. Do you need a few minutes to compose yourself? Should we take another break? I dealt the next hand to the five remaining players.

Jack and Tim were in their underwear, Sara in her bra, and Steph and I in our all together. His groaning intensified when she gripped his rigid shaft with both her hands and slowly began to move them up and down it. Do strip game story want to come now or do you want me to extend it some? As the first load of cum shot out she lowered her head and caught it as she did with each subsequent spurt. When Sara removed her hands Robyn strip game story her mouth totally engulf his cock as she rubbed the channel to milk all the cum out it.

Come sit with me. I dealt the next hand and lost to Steph.

Strip game story

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