Superpowered game cheats

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Finally you get a chance to get a cheap injection and your life is changed…. And leaving the negative consequences just seemed abusive.

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Globex Psych Evaluation Scenes: Now when you get a brand new power, Anne will test you for your new flaw as well. Not much gameplay…but adds a lot more flavor. The sporty jock types. The new Jobs have minimum stat requirements as well as an introduction requirement. These Jobs are all intertwined in some ways.

And most of em have a lot of variations.

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Learning your powers scenes have been added to each rank of each power. All and all…I made Globex a more solidified location. This scene can only occur on the weekends. You need to ahve done a certain amount of Crimefighting, either through the neighborhood watch, or from school jobs, as well as have an Alignment above New Reputation Group: Nerds — Like positive alignment missions, your reputation within a new group will improve, and give additional bonuses once you complete the positive mission.

It will only trigger if both her and Stephanie are nymphos. New Mischief Action: Ms. Hellens- The last and final administrative mischief action that can be performed on school staff. It has the same requirements as the other mischief actions of the Administrators wing.

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That it? Appolm and colin have done some more tweaking in the background. Sister perk has changed to Good Brother perk. Yearly school schedule introduced. I went a little ham with the rendering, and extended the storyline a bit. A new Jealousy scene between Stephanie and Maggie. Billy Jean versions of most Public Ops if you have the polymorph ability to shift genders. Some rebalancing of Global Reputation. It costs global reputation rather than for letters of recommendation, and this halving of costs has been done across the board.

There are some small scenes left to make afterwards which I plan to do in one of the following updates. Story Content! Unlocking her fetish does however require multiple other fetishes to be unlocked.

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New Jelousy Scene — Stephanie and Maggie are at it again. What it means? New Power: Mercurial Speed — A speed based combat power. New Mischief Action Bonus content — Terri s in on the whole modeling business. Player affecting cheats player. Increases the power of some things Player. Player Reputation player. Ivy — not added. Girl Mental Affecting Cheats. NPC Mental diagnosis Cheats. Quest: story1. Notify me of follow-up comments by. Notify me of new posts by.

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Superpowered game cheats

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