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Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern de and the best experience. Ooh I like this question. Body shots. Ouija board. And now, the Inquisitor could have all these heights of smelling at once, right in the comfort of his chambers. Dorian didn't much like the biting cold of the south, yet he was a true marvel in ice magic.

Yes, how much the inquisitor enjoyed the rising goose bumps when little glittering ice crystals first danced around Dorian's fingertips and then touched his skin around the nipples. Pleasant shivers overtook the man in the glorious grip of the Altus from distant Tevinter.

Fire and explosions were Lord Pavus' speciality. He loved heat and could handle it well.

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And not only did Dorian literally glow, the inquisitor's heart burned ablaze with love for this adorable man. Sometimes it wasn't just the heart that burned. How pleasantly hot, literally and figuratively, a night of love with this mage could be. He made wax melt with just a little flick of his fingers - oh, what tinglingly hot and spicy games they could play like that.

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The man with the dapper moustache came from a true wonderland. Unknown energy sources put cities like Minrathous or Qarinus into a colourful splendour of fantasy. Dorian missed his beautiful and insane homeland. But the two lovebirds were always available for entertaining distractions. And on sultry nights, it wasn't just the air outside the gates of Skyhold that vibrated.

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Dorian's whole body was charged and his lover's hair stood on end when Pavus concentrated with all his power and the waves of energy flowed from his body into the body of his Amatus. Each climax was accompanied by thunder and lightning. It takes a lot of trust to allow magic in the bedroom. But not only the inquisitor had to engage in this delicate game of trust, it was also a new experience and challenge for Dorian himself to get so close to someone, using the power of his ancestors - magic!

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If you find him within 5 minutes which almost never happens then you have an hour of his full time and attention. Full attention. If someone gives up on finding the other, they lose. Well I farted one during sex. I was mortified. Luckily the guy was very chill about it and after a bit of reassurance from him to me, things continued to a miraculous ending. Also, I feel like this happens way more often then is talked about. Just sayin. Honestly I don't really listen to music during sex. Most of my sexual escapades are impromptu and spontaneous so there's really no time to put on music.

So I love to be woken up by questing hands kneading and squeezing my body with a single purpose.

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So I guess my answer is either fucking time lol.

Tumblr sexy games

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