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Endings: Opening dialogue determines difficulty I believe Domination ending: You should get ending with missionary style scene, her with dull eyes.

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You talk the first time Use talk button : 1. What are the Aristocrats? You talk the second time: 1.

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You are immortal. Defeat her and wait When she asks: 3. Defeat her and rape no choice to wait When she talks: Your struggles will just bring you more suffering. Defeat her both rounds with rape. You can catch moves instead when HP is low enough to see different positions. Lewd ending: You flee from the castle. She goes after you to take you back to the castle. She becomes a nymph and constantly has sex you 10 times a day.

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What you say doesn't really matter. You talk: 1,2 or 3,3 1. Your fit body does look delicious, though.

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I love forcing strong women into submission. I want to leave the fun for later.

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After you beat her again there will be no choice, just rape Go for her clothes now If she asks: 2. If you talk: You know.

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Submission ending: You become her servant. It seems to be true that the Aristocrats have beautiful bodies. I came for the immortality your kin is blessed with. Yes, I do. Defeat her and wait Lovers ending: No rape ending. She takes your blood and you take her innocence. LEAVE her at least underwear! Do you really drink blood? I want to know about the Aristocrats. Do you live alone in this place? I wanted to find out if your kind is as evil as they say.

You ask: 1. Why do you live in such a remote place? After that, just defeat her two more times without raping don't catch her moves. Bach makes JSK music special per game. That means the only place to get that song is from the game. You can download the SWF then use a decompiler to extract the audio.

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Vampire hunter sex game

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