What happened to teagames

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I remember this site.

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Just today I was wondering what was that site that I used to go to and play flash games. Nostalgia is hitting me hard. In 5th grade I spend many hours playing BMX backflip instead of working on a stupid powerpoint show about sharks at school lol.

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I'm now 27 year old. I really liked that website and til this day, I'm not sure what engine did they use to make their games. They were always so fluent! Anyway, this video actually gave me some insight on the whole debacle that happened to that website. I came looking for that website once again after years to see if it had returned, obviously not.

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I don't know what I was expecting. The creators of teagames. It's too good of a talent to just throw away like that.

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By far, some of the games that I liked the most on that website that you did not mention on your video were the 2 skate games and the dogfight one as well. Generally they were super fun to play for hours. I remember playing a soccer game on teagames where you had a 5-person team.

I remember how I spent hours and hours with a friend playing Millwall which was the last team in the ranking to eventually put it at the top.

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Man I loved this website. I used to play the skateboarding and bmx games at my grandma's house in around I remember always having to ask my older brother how to spell teagames lmao. Wish I could play them just 1 more time. Just about cried.

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Teagames was a huge chunk of my childhood, and I preferred it over other sites such as miniclip. So many original games, classic unrefined styles, hours of fun. Thank you for this explanation, and thank you teagames. I have no clue when I first found the website. I playef for a few years, and quit for school reasons. Every once in awhile, I looked it up to see what happened. Now i know it has lived its life. Aww man, I was wanting to replay some what happened to teagames games, TG motorcross being one of them, but discoverd I couldn't.

When I was younger, I used to archive games by downloading them to my pc. Teagames was one of the few websites that I couldn't do this with because the games just wouldn't play outside the website. I was never able to figure out why. The sad thing is, I knew the website wouldn't last forever, and I was right! Dude I spend literally hours on their and even wrote them an e-mail when they introduced payable content. Out of nowhere I searched for the and found your vid — thanks for the flashback. Thought I was the only one who notice they were gone! That's the internet for ya.

Thanks for the vid. I was looking for that Tune my car game. Or what it was called. Hope to find it… Ow it was called Tune Ups. Wow, thanks for making this video. I completely forgot about these games. I played the hell out of frosty flips, eagle eye, and street skater. It's funny to think it was my introduction to gaming.

Teagames and RealArcade were awesome. I first visited Teagames. Teagames was the first site I'd ever visited. Every now and then I'd go back there for the nostalgia, and to play some of my old favorites like "Top Dog. So cool that you put this together. Taking turns playing Funky Truck on the classroom computer just before class started in the morning is such a wonderful vivid memory of mine. Loved teagames.

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Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Posted on: December 29, Posted by: admin Comments: The Life And Death of teagames. The sad thing is that these games would be amazing on a smartphone! What an insanely niche video. I love it and it's exactly what I was looking for.

RIP in peace, Teagames. Home of uh… motocross is all I can remember, I guess.

What happened to teagames

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